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About me

I am a tech enthusiast, in Coventry, UK, with over 10 years of working in IT, however my current passion when not at work is 3D Printing. I researched and bought a cheap kit, to experiment with, first printing designs found on the internet, and later learning how to design my own prints in Fusion360.

3D printing is currently in its infancy, much like the internet in the early 90's. Most people have heard about it, but know little about it, and only a small population actually use it, so like the early internet it is slow and has some major limitations, but has the capacity to open up a world of possibilities that previously weren't available to us.

Most of my early practice prints were toys for the kids, and later moved on to custom builds like my car phone mount, but as my experience, knowledge and quality of prints improve, more and more everyday items are no longer purchased, but designed, tailored to suit and printed at home. Replacement curtain hooks, personalised birthday cake candle holder, even that part of the shower that has cracked with age and would have normally meant replacing the entire shower unit. Have you ever looked at something that millions of people use every day and wished yours could be different?

3D printing will evolve with time to be better, quicker, more reliable and more accessible to the masses. It may not be in the same form it is currently, just like early web browsing on desktops has evolved into connected apps on mobile devices, and I'm very excited about that future, but for now, take a look at some of my designs and prints (as well as other peoples) at https://www.thingiverse.com/sonesh/designs and leave me a message if you'd like to know more.